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Messi and Chelsea’s mistakes signing strikers

Is Messi going to move to the Premier League? Is he secretly negotiating his transfer to Chelsea? His disagreements with Barcelona’s coach Luis Enrique are well-known. Some people are even speculating that he might have given an ultimatum to the president of the club: “Luis Enrique or me”. He said that rumours talking about negotiations with Chelsea are ‘all lies’ but during the Ballon d’Or ceremony he reopened the speculations about his future after saying ‘I don’t know where I’ll be next year. Things can change’

Sadly, we cannot use data to verify these kind of rumours so, we had a look to what we already know. Abramovich’s Chelsea doesn’t hesitate to pay ridiculous amounts of money for players that will secure Chelsea’s leadership. You know, like with Fernando Torres.

The truth is that many times that Chelsea hired a superstar that was supposed to be a deal breaker for the team, they end up being a massive failure.

This chart shows the performance 5 most expensive strikers signed during the Abramovich’s era. The conclusions are not…satisfactory.

Torres, Shevchenko and Hazard only scored once every 3 games. In the case of Shevchenko each goal scored for Chelsea costed more than 2 million pounds. Between these 5 strikers, only Drogba has a decent performance.

Can you imagine Messi signing for Chelsea and having a record similar to Torres or Shevchenko?



Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo voted for Ramos, Germans vote for Germans and other Ballon d’Or oddities

Cristiano Ronaldo won his second Ballon d’Or (TWOOOOOOO!) by a very large margin. He got more than twice as many points as Messi, who was almost relegated to a third position after reaching only 14 points more than Manuel Neuer. Ronaldo and Messi didn’t vote for each other, a tradition started by the Portuguese in 2010, but Real Madrid’s striker received the support of 429 out of the 528 captains, coaches and journalists that were entitled to vote. That’s an 81% of the total.

How many people voted for Ronaldo and Messi?


But who the hell didn’t vote for Ronaldo?

The Germans. And they didn’t vote for Messi either. Germans only voted for Germans. Player, coach and journalist gave their support to Manuel Neuer in the first place and to Philipp Lahmn, Thomas Mueller and Bastian Schweinsteiger for the rest of the positions.

The German vote


But this wasn’t enough to make Germany the country with the most votes

If we sum all the votes achieved by the players of each nation, we will also see a Portuguese victory despite of being Ronaldo the only player from the Southern European country. Germany, on the other hand, had 6 players nominated to the award, the highest among all the participant countries. The other World Cup finalist, Argentina, holds the second place with 3 players nominated: Messi, Di Maria and Mascherano, who, by the way, was nominated as best player in the world by England’s national team manager Roy Hodgson. An opinion shared by Belarus coach Andrei Zygmantovitch but by anybody else.

Point achieved and players nominated per country


Sergio Ramos was the biggest loser of the Ballon d’Or

British media had a lot of fun talking about Roy Hodgson voting for Mascherano, but it wasn’t the oddest choice. Cristiano Ronaldo voted for his team mate Sergio Ramos as the best player in the world. In fact, the rest of Ronaldo’s votes also went for his felow Real Madrid players, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema. The funny thing is that Cristiano’s first choice didn’t get support from anyone. At least, Hodgson’s choice got the support from the Belarus coach!

Sergio Ramos was the nominee with the least number of points but, to be fair, Ronaldo wasn’t the only one who voted for him. A few players and coaches voted him for the second and third place, like his team mate Iker Casillas or the Spanish managers Vicente del Bosque and Benito Floro.



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