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How much do people spend on football betting?

How much money do people spend on betting? What are the countries that spend the most? This information is not very easy to find but, luckily, a popular sports betting website shared with us a dataset they collected between July and October last year. This is not a perfect way of measuring the betting market, but it can give us a taste of people’s behaviour.

This bookmaker company is based in the United Kingdom so it makes sense that the majority of their customers are British. Only a 20% of the users come from overseas, but the interesting fact is that this group of foreigners bet more money than the Brits. If you have a look to the chart above, you will see that Norwegian, Swedish, Irish and German players spend more money on average than the British. The difference is particularly high compared to Norway, with the Scandinavians spending 2,086 euros (about £1650) more during this 3 months period.

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