Messi and Chelsea’s mistakes signing strikers

Is Messi going to move to the Premier League? Is he secretly negotiating his transfer to Chelsea? His disagreements with Barcelona’s coach Luis Enrique are well-known. Some people are even speculating that he might have given an ultimatum to the president of the club: “Luis Enrique or me”. He said that rumours talking about negotiations with Chelsea are ‘all lies’ but during the Ballon d’Or ceremony he reopened the speculations about his future after saying ‘I don’t know where I’ll be next year. Things can change’

Sadly, we cannot use data to verify these kind of rumours so, we had a look to what we already know. Abramovich’s Chelsea doesn’t hesitate to pay ridiculous amounts of money for players that will secure Chelsea’s leadership. You know, like with Fernando Torres.

The truth is that many times that Chelsea hired a superstar that was supposed to be a deal breaker for the team, they end up being a massive failure.

This chart shows the performance 5 most expensive strikers signed during the Abramovich’s era. The conclusions are not…satisfactory.

Torres, Shevchenko and Hazard only scored once every 3 games. In the case of Shevchenko each goal scored for Chelsea costed more than 2 million pounds. Between these 5 strikers, only Drogba has a decent performance.

Can you imagine Messi signing for Chelsea and having a record similar to Torres or Shevchenko?



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