Best and worst performances in the second half of the season

Last week I wrote a blog post using Premier League historical data. It took me a while to create the Tableau visualisation so I promised myself that I would reuse it in other entries. And that’s what I did today!

The following chart shows the biggest improvements (and disasters) that English teams experienced in the second half  of a season. And there are some interesting examples

Team: Norwich

Season: 1994-1995

Manager: John Deehan

What happened?:  Norwich had a very good start and at the end of the first half of the season they were holding the 7th position. Nevertheless, the rest of the competition was a total disaster. They end up 20th and they were relegated to First Division.


Team: Fulham

Season: 2010-2011

Manager: Mark Hughes

What happened?: The beginning of the season wasn’t good for Fulham. They finished the first half in the 18th place and the risk of being relegated was pretty serious. But, the second half of the season was much better for the London team. They end up 8th and they even qualified for the UEFA Europa League!

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